Download Interactive Voice Call Master for Mobile

All-in-one, easy-to-use incoming call control solutionFirst you can define un-limited profiles to meet you demands in any situation. In a profile, you can divide incoming callers up to seven groups: callers on five lists or phonebook (you have to define the list in advance), callers not on all above, and hidden callers (those who conceal phone number). IVCM will respond each group by one of following responses accordingly:

  • Accept
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Send busy tone
  • Reject + send the SMS texts that you defined
  • Divert calls to (implemented by call diversion)
  • Record conversation
  • Mute the ringer

Download to Mobile: Open with your mobile -> Quick Download -> enter Quick Download Code 4286
Interactive Voice Call Master:


12 Responses to “Download Interactive Voice Call Master for Mobile”

  1. Raj Sharma Says:

    hi Sanjay
    i am from nepal , will u plz tell me how can i download Download Interactive Voice Call Master for Mobile latest version.
    my email add is

  2. rohit Says:


  3. ali baba Says:

  4. ali baba Says:


  5. ali baba Says:

    gps for nokia

  6. Arvind Says:

    hello will u tell me its works on all mobile or specific mobile
    and how can i load it in my mobile.and what is its cost.

  7. irsalina Says:

    can you tell me is there API supported in J2ME to do ‘send busy tone’ ?

  8. adhi Says:

    dear sir please send me a busy tone

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