Download free Bluetooth Messenger for java mobile phone.

Bluetooth Messenger:

Bluetooth Messenger v.1.2.9

Platforms: Java (J2ME)


20 Responses to “Download free Bluetooth Messenger for java mobile phone.”

  1. sajay Says:

    the best software i found so far.

  2. sajay Says:

    great softwafre.

  3. Ravi Says:

    I use Nokia 6280. Whenever i start this application it gives IllegalArugmentException. Is there any setting i need to change?

  4. Sanjay Says:

    Hi Ravi,
    Better to download this messenger that support Nokia 6240…..

  5. Can you use Hypnosis when dating? Says:

    Great information here. Thanks for all your work.

  6. rupesh Says:

    please send me the software

  7. fraz Says:

    hii..plzz send me this software ..i rele need it …cum on ….send it to my mail yh..its l8aa

  8. diavolaki Says:

    plzz send me this software i rele need it

  9. fahd Says:

    it is best

  10. Farnet Says:

    “Application is currently inavailable”
    you can download from her:
    nice program

  11. sw van staden Says:

    good site.thanx

  12. mexican_gato Says:

    I installed this program in a N73 nokia and W800 Sony, but it didn´t work 😦

    it says “i found 3 diveces, 0 serveces”

  13. Hennrik Z. Hanson Says:

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  14. anitha1234 Says:

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  15. Eyelid Surgery : Says:

    i love mobile phones that can surf the net in lightning fast speed*~`

  16. Shubham Verma Says:

    It is best

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