How to restrict Add or Remove Programs ?

<p>Open your registry and find the key below.Create a new DWORD value for each restriction required according to the table below. Set the value to equal “1” to enable the restriction or “0” to disable it.</p>
<li><strong>NoAddRemovePrograms</strong> – Disable Add/Remove Programs</li>
<li><strong>NoRemovePage</strong> – Disable Change and Remove Programs</li>
<li><strong>NoAddPage</strong> – Disable Add Programs</li>
<li><strong>NoWindowsSetupPage</strong> – Disable Windows Components Wizard</li>
<li><strong>NoAddFromCDorFloppy</strong> – Hide “Add a program from CD-ROM or disk” option</li>
<li><strong>NoAddFromInternet</strong> – Hide “Add programs from Microsoft” option</li>
<li><strong>NoAddFromNetwork</strong> – Hide “Add programs from your network” option</li>
<li><strong>NoServices</strong> – Go directly to Windows Components Wizard</li>
<li><strong>NoSupportInfo</strong> – Disable Support Information</li>


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